Terms & Conditions


The client will pay any fees due within 24 hours of receipt of the Quality Snag Survey.

Where the Isnag4u inspector is unable to gain entry, refused entry by the site or is asked to leave the premises at any point during the inspection, an appropriate inspection fee will be due to cover the Isnag4u representatives time and travel expense. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that access arrangements are confirmed with all parties required.

Cancellation Policy

Should clients wish to cancel the inspection they can do so at any time, for any reason, there is no cancellation if the client has confirmed the cancellation by speaking to an Isnag4u representative on the telephone no later than 5pm on the day prior to inspection.

The Inspection

A visual survey of the property to check the quality of workmanship against applicable standards can only be carried out in places the inspector has open access to. It is the clients responsibility to ensure access is available to all areas of the property at the booked date and time.

Force Majeure

Your qualified Isnag4u inspector will do plan to arrive at the property at the designated time agreed, however they shall not be held liable for being later than this due to traffic or other unforeseen circumstances deemed to be out of their control.

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