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At Isnag4U, we are experts in providing professional snagging surveys for new build properties throughout Northern England and Wales

All of our Quality Snag Surveys are thoroughly carried out and we make the process of forwarding snags to your builder especially easy.

With every defect on the report, we ensure that we send the location of the issue, a clear photo of the issue, the time you should allocate for the work, and an estimated timescale to complete the work. 

Get in touch with ISnag4U Today to arrange your snag survey. we conduct new home snagging inspections in the Northwest and nationwide, including the following areas:

Our new build snagging surveys give new build homeowners the reassurance that they are getting what they expect from their home. We are experts at identifying snags and will work with you to form a snagging list of minor defects that need rectifying by your builder or developer. 

Snagging a new build home is especially important as no one else has previously lived in the property. This means that issues that may only be noticeable when the house is lived in for a while have not been identified yet. The best time to perform snagging on a new build is after completion before anyone has moved in. 

You do have two years from the date of completion to notify your house builder of any flaws that they must rectify as part of your property’s guarantee, the following eight years are covered by the Warranty provider.

The Snagging Process

The process of snagging a new build is quick and easy. Firstly, you need to make a booking with us on a date that suits both parties. Next, when we arrive at the property, we perform our Quality Snag Survey, checking for any snags. 

Finally, we will generate and send you your detailed Quality Snag Report. This report will give you peace of mind that everything has been accounted for and the snagging list can be sent off to your housebuilder to fix. As well as this, we can advise you on your next steps, such as an estimate of the timescale required to complete the work, how to make the resolution process as smooth as possible, and what to do if you are still having issues later down the line. 


You make a booking with us on a data that suits


We perform our Quality Snag Survey at the property


We send you our detailed Quality Snag Report

Rental snagging and itemised contents portfolio services are also available. Read more

Our Quality Snagging Surveys are simple to understand and easy to use

The snagging report can then be forwarded to your builder to work from making things smoother and quicker for all parties.

You will receive
A list of defects
The location of the issue
A clear photo of the issue
An estimate of timescale to complete the work
The trade that should be allocated to fix the defect

Why Choose Isnag4u

With 35 years experience, you are in safe hands. Isnag4u Ltd was formed to give investors and new home purchasers a professional hand in ensuring that their home is finished to the standard they should expect

Isnag4U are registered with the Residential Property Surveyors Association
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