Snagging in Frizington

Customer: Thomas Duncombe

Property: New build

Location: Rheda, Frizington


We were recommended for snagging services in Rheda, Frizington for this new project by a previous customer who was very pleased with our level of professionalism. Our new client, Thomas, had a horrible experience with a previous builder and wanted to make sure that he got everything sorted properly for his new home. The work took 9 hours in total to complete. We found both minor and major defects that needed immediate attention.

Example of a red item found during the inspection.

The bracing in the garage was not tight to blockwork and needs to be rectified.

Our client

Thomas has previously had a bad experience with a builder who didn’t follow building regulations and missed a lot of important construction issues. A lot of the issues were red items.

The inspection we did for him was on a second property that he had purchased. This was his first time using a snagging company which he was advised to do by his solicitor to make sure that everything is according to housing regulations.

Unfortunately, a lot of new home buyers don’t invest in snagging services. A lot of times they end up paying for expensive work or repairs on the house years after settling into their home.

Investing in snagging services will help find construction defects, rectify those issues sooner and help save you money down the line.

Another example of a red item that was found during our inspection.

Located in the roof space of the house. The immediate action that the builder needs to rectify is to patch up the gables.

There is a straight joint which could affect the restraint strength.


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Why do clients choose us for snagging services?

Three words that our clients use to describe us are: friendly, reliable, and professional.

Buying a new house can be stressful and overwhelming. At isnag4u we make sure that we always do a thorough job and explain what the findings mean to the client so they understand how to proceed.

Our snagging surveyor Keith has 35 years of experience in the business. His expertise has helped many of our customers save money by ensuring that we always do a thorough inspection of the property. This has helped many of our clients tackle any issues in advance before it gets more serious and costly over time.

We check for both major and minor defects.

An example of a minor defect that we found is the karndean flooring throughout the house. The flooring has open joints, planks that are sticking up, and scratches. For this item, we recommended that the contractor visits the property as soon as possible.

Client’s testimonial

Keith was fantastic, professional and very thorough. Unfortunately found a large amount of snags for us to resolve. But without him, we wouldn’t have known where to start. Can’t thank him enough.

Tom and Alex

How did we respond to Thomas’s request?

We had already talked to Thomas and knew that he was disappointed with a previous builder. The work done on the house was not up to standard and not the quality of work that was expected.

Our job was to make sure that Thomas had a clear understanding of what issues needed addressing so that the final finishing of his property is done according to building regulations.

The result and examples of red items.

Within 9 hours of work, we found both major and minor defects which comprised 200 snags that needed addressing, 50 of which were red items classed as immediate response effects. 

Our client was very satisfied with the inspection. Furthermore, he now had peace of mind and a clear understanding of how to proceed. The surveyance of his new build has helped save him lots of money which he would have spent in the future to fix building issues.

Below are three more examples of red items that we found and needed an immediate response.


Snagging services for new builds are something that we highly recommend for anyone buying a new property. More often than not, builders are not checking if the work being done is following building regulations. If major and minor defects are left without rectification this could become an expensive issue with time.

There is also an element of safety. Before moving into a new property we must make sure that it provides a safe living environment for the occupants.

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