Why Is The Quality Of Recent New Builds So Poor?

Why Are Recent New Builds So Poor?

“One million new homes to be built by 2020” was the pledge by the government in 2017. This was not met… but why? Well, according to the engineering group – Calford Seaden, the reason was down to a lack of quality tradesmen available to complete the work.

When quality tradesmen are not available, the work goes to low-quality tradesmen. This drove the number of customers reporting snags from 93% in 2015 to 99% in 2018.

How Can You Prevent Buying A New Build With Faults?

This article isn’t meant to alarm you with amount of faults in new builds. Often, the snags are small – they still need to be dealt with, but they are understandable. However, the bigger faults can be just as easily missed and it is these we really want to avoid. The best way of avoiding these is to get a professional snagger to check your home. But, what actually is a snag?

What is Snagging?

A ‘snag’ is usually a defect or issue in a new build. It can be either functional or aesthetic issues which means something in the home doesn’t look or act how it should.

These functional issues are fairly easy to pinpoint, as long as your snagger has a sharp eye and good awareness. It could be something as small as stray paint, or something fairly major such as a missing tile or faulty heating systems.

What is a Snagging Survey?

The snagging list essentially checks and monitors the quality of your new build, to make sure it is meeting living standards. The new homeowner can then note down any repairs which are needed on the survey form before moving in.

Common Faults

If you’re interested to know some of the things to look out for, please see the image below:

Without getting these snags resolved could end up costing thousands! If all of the above points needed work, the estimated cost would be between £4000 – £5000.

Looking for a snag check on your new home? Don’t forget to contact us to arrange a site visit and get peace of mind for your property. Call us on 07743 984341 or book now through the website.

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