What if I Find Issues With My New Home?

After you’ve moved into your new home, you may start finding hidden issues with it. Don’t panic though, as our snagging services will help you make sure your property is finished to the standard you’d expect!

Warranty & Insurance Guarantee

All new homes within the Uk are covered with a 10-year free home warranty and insurance. This provides protection against problems with the home’s construction or related natural disaster events.

The Building Process

If you have paid a deposit for the house and something unforeseen happens with the building of your new home – for example: the building company goes out of business, then your current deposit will be refunded. Alternatively, the home will be finished if it’s close to completion.

The First Two Years

If you notice any problems with the property within the first two years, the builder will fix this free of charge if it doesn’t meet the warranty provider’s technical requirements.

Years Three To Ten

In these years, the warranty protects against any rising with items such as staircases and internal plastering. Alongside this, it covers a wide range of structural defects as well.

Consumer Code

In April 2010, the Consumer Code was designed. it gives purchasers added protection and was signed by the top leading industry builders. It establishes a new independent resolution service to deal with any disputes that occur between the homeowner and builder. This can happen when and where the owner has been left out of pocket or when issues fall outside of the warranty cover.

According to New-Homes, the Code states that builders must provide the following:

  • Clear and thruthful sales material.
  • Enough info to ensure all buyers are well-informed on layout, position and contents of off-plan homes.
  • Clear and fair terms on when the home will be completed.
  • Accessible after-sales service plus details of the warranty and guarantees for appliances.

We hope this guide has helped you with spotting potential issues with your new home. If you’ve already moved into your new home and are now finding faults, make sure to check your warranty and then contact the builder. You’ll be fully protected if the issues you’re experiencing are raised within the correctly allotted time.

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